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My name is Michael J. Sutton

I was educated in Sydney, Australia. I graduated from the University of Sydney with a First Class Honours in Economics (Social Sciences), and a PhD in the Faculty of Economics and Business. I was a university lecturer and researcher in Japan for ten years with a focus on the multilateral trading system, and the politics and economy of Japan. Aside from learning Japanese, I studied the shakuhachi, the bamboo flute in the Tozan School. I was enriched by the writings of East Asian thinkers, and I discovered matsuri, yokai, and celebrated the seasons.  I then spent six months in Washington D.C. researching the strategic implications of demographic change. In 2017, I completed a Master of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology and for a few years worked for a rural church in country NSW. During Covid Hysteria (2020-2023), I rediscovered freedom from a Christian perspective and established Freedom Matters Today. I oppose mandatory vaccinations, covid passports, lockdowns, all forms of fascism, war, and tax exemptions for churches. I also oppose Christian Fascism, otherwise known by the oxymoronic phrase 'Christian Nationalism.' For me, freedom is the heart of the Christian message. Religion leads to the church, but faith leads to God. Without freedom, we have nothing. In 2023, I hope to publish on what freedom means from a Christian perspective, why God wants churches to pay taxes, an academic study on contemporary fascism, and several novels. 

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