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Fascism Accountability Project 

Many people on the Left and Right over the years have described liberal democracy as a form of fascism. Trying to define fascism, its origin, features, and consequences is elusive. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. Seizing the opportunity, a number of democracies pushed forward with the dismantling of democratic freedoms, rights, and ways of thinking. Pre-COVID democracy is gone. It will not return. What has replaced it is unclear. Ordinary Australians and political leaders have used the word 'fascist' to describe Australia. It is reactionary rhetoric, born in anger, frustration, and a lament over what was lost. For some reason, despite the use of the term to describe American politics, we are told that we are not allowed to use this term in Australia. We are told instead to sit down, shut up, and do as we are told. It sounds a lot like fascism to me. 

We need a new perspective. We need to believe people when they say they have suffered under fascism in Australia, however understood, however expressed. 


Your Experience Matters 

Fascism is an accurate way to describe some political responses to COVID-19. While the pandemic made the term 'fascist' is now mainstream, it must also be understood that it has been part of the system for decades. These academic questions are important. But there is something more important, which is not ignoring the suffering of the people. We need to listen to those who have suffered as a result of fascism in the West. There is injustice. There is deceit. There is suffering. There needs to be accountability.

No one has the right to deny another person their freedom. No one deserves to live under tyranny of any form. Without true freedom there is no life. 

The Fascism Accountability Project is an initiative of Freedom Matters Today. We are non-partisan, and non-sectarian. 

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