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A New Path for Hidden Road Publishing

Beginning in May 2024, Hidden Road Publishing will make available some of our titles in eBook form. The first batch of books will be The Curse of Crooked River, The Third Tsunami and Monkey and the Castle by the Sea.

The eBook continues to challenge the future of print books, even more under attack these days due to a rise in prices, inflation, and changing consumer preferences. The eBook is integrated into the digital world, easy to read, and requires no paper to produce.

In the past, books took forever to be published, not including the traditional editing process and appeasing the gatekeepers, their foibles, bias and prejudice, as well as the various forms of ideological hurdles to jump. These days, these ideological barriers are growing, especially if authors dare challenge some precious narratives, and assumptions about the world.

The goal of Hidden Road Publishing in the short-term is to publish the adventures of Nathaniel Chambers, and the Last Days of Old Japan, as well as some books of East Asia. The longer-term goal is to be a trusted publisher of books that promote peace, understanding, and respect, in this ever-changing world.

For us, the future is a hidden road, but it is an adventure.

Michael J. Sutton, CEO.

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